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Safety First

How we're taking action

Now more than ever we're taking real steps to take care of our people and our guests - it's the thing to do. Learn more below about how we're executing safe events.

Care for our guests

  • Health Department Scores

    Top health department scores.

  • Sanitizing High Contact/Traffic Areas - Kitchen

    Kitchen and all equipment sanitized twice daily.

  • Staff PPE

    All staff members wear gloves and masks, when social distancing is not possible

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer available at all entry and exit points and throughout the building for guests and staff.

  • Handwashing

    Staff washes hands frequently, at minimum every 30 minutes.

  • Contactless Pickup and Delivery

    Contactless pickup and delivery is available for all orders.

  • Safe Service

    Staff serves all food to guests.

  • Culinary Team PPE

    The culinary team wears gloves, masks and hair nets while preparing food.

  • Sanitizing Equipment

    Tables, chairs and event equipment cleaned and sanitized after every use.

  • Seating Arrangements

    Dining tables at venues placed 6+ feet apart, with 10 or fewer guests per table.

  • Single Serve

    Service items that traditionally communal will be individually packaged.

  • Sanitizing High Contact/Traffic Areas - Office

    All surfaces, such as door handles, copiers, desks, telephones, etc. sanitized twice daily.

  • Safe Food Handling

    Gloves and masks are used when handling food. Gloves changed frequently.

  • Safety and Sanitation Manager

    Keeps a checklist and tracks all sanitation practices.

  • Clean Vehicles

    All delivery equipment and vehicles are cleaned daily.

  • Sanitizing Entire Building

    The entire building (kitchen, coolers, office, door handles, telephones, etc.) sanitized frequently.

  • Plexiglas Barriers

    Plexiglas are used in appropriate areas.

  • Safety Reminders

    Signage throughout the building reminding everyone of how to be safe.

  • Delivery/Services Team PPE

    The delivery/service team wears gloves and masks while serving food.

Care for our team

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer available at all points of entry/exit throughout our commissary.

  • Health & Safety Check

    All employees complete an Attestation for Worksite Entry document

  • Building Safety

    The entire building is locked and all entrants must be checked in.


  • Q: Can I still plan my event?

    Yes, absolutely. Our event planning team will walk you through every aspect of the new post-COVID planning process.

  • Q: How will I know my event is safe?

    In addition to training our team and scheduling extra equipment cleanings, we are scheduling a “Sanitation Manager” on each event whose only responsibility is to clean to keep your guests safe.

  • Q: What are the safest food options?

    Plated Dinners are the best and safest option for any event. However, our new plexiglas sneeze guards are included at every food station.

Questions? Concerns?

We're here to help you gather safely.

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